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Our Core Values


Customer Intimacy: We deliver sustainable values to our target small business owners by creating genuine trust and highly-customized business solutions. We don’t aim for a single translation, but to deliver value over sustainable time.


Professional Integrity: We emphasize transparency when it comes to helping our clients solve problems. We value client privacy and deliver value without worry.


Serial Entrepreneur: We are no conventional organization, we aim to create an environment for people to express their thoughts freely. We value a flat organizational structure. Everyone is a partner for small business.


Passionate: Passion is to champion the mission and devote our heart to serving small business and believing in their capabilities to achieve their dreams.

dedicated 100 percent passion to the 20 percent to maximize 80 percent of values for small business.


80/20: A business should devote 20 percent of their time getting feedback from their mentors and advisors. We focus on spending the limited time to get the best result out from it. Spend 20% of their time to maximize 80% result.


Diversity: We believe in diversity and inclusion. We value people by their character, we don't judge people by the skin of their color, or any other factors. We only work with organizations that conduct responsible and ethically business.

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